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Are you struggling to manage your money? You don’t know where to start? Or you know exactly what you need to do but dread doing it because it’s overwhelming and daunting? Maybe you simply think you do not have time for it? 


Raise your hand if you don’t know where your money is going or you don’t know where/when your next paycheck is coming from, you worry about how to cover your upcoming expenses, pay off debt, save for retirement, buy a home, take that awesome vacation you are dreaming of, open your studio, start a business, start a family… Ah, the list goes on! 


Yeah, you are not alone! And you are in the right place because I can help you get a hold of your finances and reach your goals!


What you need is a plan, an   A.R.T. -fully crafted, three-part framework that is personalized, and easy to understand and follow.


Let me break this down for you:


Setting the Stage!

Initial 2-hour coaching session


First and foremost, let's establish a foundation for your financial success. During this stage, we'll assess your overall financial landscape, including income, expenses, savings, investments, net worth, and more. We'll celebrate your financial achievements and identify areas for improvement. We will set the stage by developing a customized blueprint to align your financial vision with your dream life.


Artistic Wealth Blueprint!
3-month transformational program


This is a holistic approach to realizing your financial stability and creative success. But putting the plan in place without the action is futile and a complete waste of time. This stage is where coaching demonstrates its true power. Through individual coaching, you'll implement your newly acquired knowledge, habits, and systems. It's the key to gaining control over your life, career, and finances. This will rock your world! 


Groove and Prosper!

Ongoing personalized coaching sessions


You can finally catch a breath. You have your cash flow figured out, you are not putting out fires left and right, and you feel in control and empowered. Your systems are working beautifully, you have a clear value based budget plan so you are not worried about every cent that goes out of your account. Now it’s time for the big players game… let’s make your long-held dreams a reality!




Personalized, Ongoing Coaching for Artists

If you work with me, you will:

  • Boost your creativity by gaining financial stability

  • Become fluent in the language of money

  • Rewrite and elevate your personal beliefs around money and career 

  • Establish realistic, achievable and exciting goals

  • Define your values and create a plan according to them 

  • Start working towards your dreams 

  • Increase your confidence

  • Gain skills that will last you a lifetime

  • Take a control of your money & your life!

Artistic Wealth Coach - Financial and Career Coaching for Artists

Mentorship & Guidance

Artistic Wealth Coach benefits

Resources, Handouts, Exercises & Worksheets

Artistic Wealth Coach - Financial and Career Coaching for Artists

Reliable communication & support between coaching sessions

Artistic Wealth Coach - Financial and Career Coaching for Artists



Artistic Wealth Coach - Financial and Career Coaching for Artists

Education & Personal Growth

So, how does this work?

The fact that you are this far into researching the  A.R.T. program shows that you are ready for a massive transformation. 


As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Ready to dive in? ​​

Step 1


$ 0
Still not sure if financial coaching is the right for you?


Book a free 20-minute Q&A call with your coach today to discover more!  

This step is crucial for understanding your goals and building a connection before diving into more intensive work.

Step 2


$ 247

This is a personalized 2-hour, one-on-one coaching experience with your wealth coach, Iva. In this hyper-focused session, you'll gain clarity on your current financial situation, pinpoint areas for improvement, and envision the life you desire. You will walk away with some actionable tips to immediately improve your financial health, and leave feeling hopeful and ready to make a massive change and live your best life! 

Step 3


Experience a true power of transformation in our 3-month personalized coaching program. Elevate your creativity, achieve financial stability, and master the language of money. Rewire personal beliefs about money and career, take charge with realistic goals, define core values, boost confidence, and embark on the journey to your dreams. Acquire lifelong skills for control over both your money and life!

Regardless of your current situation, there's no better time than today to start or boost your journey toward

wealth and freedom!

So, is coaching right for YOU?


  • You're stressed about money.

  • Spending scares you or you cannot control your spending habits.

  • You've never budgeted or don't know how to use your budget effectively.

  • You feel hopeless as debts pile up.

  • You don't even know where to start.

  • Thinking and talking about money makes you uncomfortable.

  • Want to get on a same page with your partner but not sure how to approach the subject.

  • Want to see you savings and investments accounts grow.

  • Have big dreams but scarcity mindset.

This and More?

Then YES!!!

Financial Coaching is for you.

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