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Hi, I'm Iva!

As an artist, you have unique financial needs that require careful attention to detail. You need to focus on creating, which is why I am here to help you get your finances in order. With my financial coaching services, I can help you create a solid financial and career plan that will allow you to focus on your art without worrying about money. 


My mission is to help fellow artists achieve financial stability, change the scarcity mindset, and unlock the full spectrum of possibilities in both their artistic and personal lives. Through financial and career coaching programs, I empower artists to live prosperous, stress-free lives while pursuing their passion and realizing their dreams.

Iva Ugrcic, financial and career coach
Iva Ugrcic, financial and career coach

This all sounds cool Iva, but you are bragging right now! 

You are right, I am proud of everything I have done. But make no mistake, the path was not always rosy. I had a lot of ambition and drive (and still do!). There were ups and downs. When my husband and I tied the knot, we were genuine embodiments of the "starving musicians," earning less than $15,000 annually, burdened by over $30,000 in student debt. 

But we were determined to get out of the financial struggle so we both worked tirelessly on our skills and craft while also reading every book and blog, and listening to every podcast about personal finances, habits, psychology, and behavioral science. We embraced the “1% better” mindset.

And we started seeing the results. 

We wrapped our heads around our spending habits, money management, cash flow, and net worth. We determined our values and set goals, and started living based on them. We explored different earning avenues and investment strategies.

And the best thing is that planning and thinking about money has become fun and exciting! 

The transformation was truly remarkable and I became passionate about helping other people experience the same. 

I want YOU to fully enjoy your life and artistic pursuits. ​

Just like art, money is a universal language, and I'm here to guide you in becoming fluent in it. 

Join me in making the journey to financial empowerment not just transformative but also an exhilarating adventure. Together, let's paint a canvas of abundance, creativity, and fulfillment.

Why do I do what I do?

My venture into establishing Artistic Wealth Coaching is rooted in my personal journey. I grew exhausted from the uncertainty of not knowing where my next paycheck would come from and the constant worry about covering upcoming expenses. Discussing money also felt uncomfortable—after all, we are in the art not for the money! I found myself proudly wearing the label of a "starving artist."

But deep inside, I knew I could do better. My transformation came out of a burning desire to live my best life and share it with people I love!

I transformed my relationship with money, realizing its potential for freedom and fulfillment. I acquired new skills and overcame my limiting beliefs.

My road was bumpy but all the good things are worth fighting for. I was an immigrant on a student visa without the ability to work when I graduated with a Doctoral degree in flute performance in 2017. From there, I went on starting my award-winning nonprofit (LunART, Inc.), while also expanding my performance career. In addition, I procured a full-time job and doubled my salary in a short period of time (and then quit the same job to start this business!). I am happily married to a fellow artist and musician, and we own a house, have a beatiful baby girl, and travel the world. 

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