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Q: Hold on. If I'm experiencing financial difficulties, how can I afford the services of a financial coach?

A: Consider this not as a cost but as an investment in yourself and your future. A financial coach plays a crucial role in helping you achieve financial stability by discovering your motivations (your "why") and offering guidance, direction, and accountability to help you achieve your life and money goals. You just need a growth mindset and your coach will help you with the rest! 

Q: What’s the difference between a financial advisor/planner and a financial coach?

A: In a nutshell: A financial advisor focuses on managing your money and investments, addressing money behavior. In contrast, a financial coach focuses on helping you gain clarity and full control of your money, addressing personal behavior.

Q: Can you give me advice on investing? 

A: I can certainly help you decide on safe investment amounts and provide guidance and education when it comes to various saving options and tax advantages of contributing to them.  However, I am not a financial advisor or financial planner, meaning I don't sell products or manage investments.  

Q: I'm just starting my full/part time business. Is this a good time to get coaching?  

A: Absolutely! This is a perfect time for coaching. Whether you're a W2 employee starting a side-hustle or transitioning into a full-time business, coaching will help you create budgets, separate your personal and business accounts, track expenses, and prepare for taxes.

Q: Do you work with couples?

A: Absolutely! If you and your partner manage some or all of your money together, coaching can align both of you in your approach to money. Establishing mutually agreed-upon goals and building a strong financial foundation will only make your relationship stronger. 

Q: Can you help people that are interested in financial independence and/or early retirement?

A: Yes, I love helping people who are interested in early retirement or building a stronger financial foundation to transition away from their 9-5 jobs and pursue their passions or calling. Our journey begins by gaining clarity on your current state (mentally, emotionally, and financially). We then explore future possibilities, create a vision of where you want to be, and finally, develop a solid plan of how to get there. 

Q: Do you work with people on their mindset?

A: Nearly 90% of an individual's success or failure can be attributed to mindset, which is why it is integral in every aspect of my work as a coach. We all carry money stories and limiting beliefs that require a shift for long-term success. The habits developed during coaching serve to strengthen a new, more positive relationship with money, unlocking a world of possibilities.

Our mind shapes our feelings, and our feelings influence our actions which determine our outcomes. Are you ready to transform your mindset and improve your life?

Q: What is your location, and where will our meeting take place?

A: I'm located in Madison, WI. All my coaching services are conducted online. However, if you are local and would rather meet in person, we can certainly consider that option. 

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